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When you become a member of my team you instantly become part of our scrappy family and get direct access to me and the CM Advisor community. You can join my private, ADVISOR-only Facebook group, take part in live training & Advisor-only events. 

You can learn more about becoming a CM Advisor by clicking HERE and clicking on the Join button.

Want to earn $$ sharing your love for CM products?

How about a discount and access to exclusive products?

Whatever you want - I'll be there to help you get it and encourage you along the way.

Join my team for only $49 & I'll help you get whatever it is that YOU want as a CM Advisor. When I joined CM (over 21 years ago!) I did it for the discount and exclusive products. So very happy to say that since then, I've enjoyed immeasurable benefits and never, ever thought I'd be so blessed to earn money while doing something I love so much!

Here are just a few of my favorite perks of being a CM Advisor:

  • It only costs $49 per year

  • When you join you'll earn a $50 CM product credit.

  • You'll earn a 10% commission on everything CM sells right from the start - from catalogs to albums & everything in between.

  • Earn commission on your team's sales...everything they buy for themselves & sell to others.

  • NO MINIMUMS! You don't have to sell a penny to enjoy the perks of being a CMA.

  • No website fees!

  • Fantastic support from the CM Home Office including graphics to use in emails and on social media, incentives, and they LISTEN to us!

  • $25 product credit on your CM Anniversary.

  • Exclusive products only available only to Advisors.

  • You can sell/promote products from any other company.

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The CM Home Office offers fantastic support for ALL Advisors - but joining my team offers another layer of support. I'm familiar with the direct sales model, scrapbooking and will respect you & the type of business YOU want to have. I can help you wade through the technology & various aspects of social media available to help you promote and run your business.  Even if you’re planning on signing up only for the discount, or if you’re not planning on having a “big” business it’s still a business. 

Might as well get all the help you can!

When you join Team Sunflower, here are just a few ways I'll help you with your CM business:

  • Support including emails, FB posts, and encouragement, tailored to help YOU get what you want as an Advisor

  • Recognition and celebrations

  • Help with reaching customers on social media and/or in person

  • I will respect you and the way you want to run your business

For Local Advisors:

  • Inventory Sharing. I carry a large inventory and am happy to lend it to you. We'd settle up by trading CM product to help you earn profit and CM incentives.

  • I can help by offering an affordable location for your events at Sunflower Studio

  • My retreats are your retreats! Many hands make light work...and happy croppers!

When you join my team, I can help you use the internet & social media to maximize your CM sales and also help with other affiliate programs and related business opportunities, if that's something you're interested in.   One thing that I love about the New CM is that you can change who your upline is when you renew your Advisor status annually.  If the fit between you and your upline isn’t what you had hoped it would be you can switch.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hit that join button and let's get started!

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