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December Deals and Black Friday at Creative Memories

An exciting opportunity to have some fun while picking up some exclusive products and deals. This event begins Monday Nov 28 on my CM Advisor site. You’ll start to see discounts & deals in the morning in preparation for the afternoon launch. There are so many deals CM has to start early! TIP: Add promo items to your cart along with any other products you’d like so you’ll have a head start when they launch at 1 PM ET. Remember: the Black Friday Promos are available until Tuesday at 1 pm ET. Double & triple dip!! (See this post on Facebook about the Black Friday Promo and this post for a better look at the BF Bundles.)


NOV. 28 Monday - December Deals begin

NOV 29 Tuesday - Black Friday Promo ends

DEC 5 Friday - Refresh of exclusive items & deals for both Advisors and clients. New Product Collection Launch. Extra opportunities for Advisors (in anticipation of our year end call.)

DEC 9 Friday - NEW products added in preparation for the weekend’s Virtual Crop.

DEC 12 Monday - Final addition/refresh of items

Look for the December Deals tab on the far left side of my Advisor site

Click on the photos below for information about each section of December Deals & a few sneak peeks!

Double & Triple dip until the Black Friday Promos end at Tuesday, Nov. 29th at 1 PM ET!

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