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Triangle Fun with Kiwi Lane

Triangle bundle on sale now!

Triangles add a fun and playful mood to any project. Use them:

  • To create a frame for a photo

  • As arrows for emphasis

  • To mat your photos

  • To add layers with multiple triangles

  • As a foundation for other elements

Adding even the smallest arrow creates movement across your design. Triangles say “I’m here! I’m having fun! Look in this direction! Go this way!”

They’re not just triangles! What else can you Play-To-Create with them? Just imagine…

  • a forest of pine trees

  • mountain ranges

  • party hats and ice cream cones

Here are just a few ideas for using this fun set on your layouts. Visit the Kiwi Lane Blog and also my Kiwi Lane Creative Partner site for more ideas & tips.

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