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CM Custom Cutting System Labeling System

This method saves a lot of time & effort when giving or following directions for a project.  By using this system you can easily know exactly what size oval or circle to cut when following instructions at a class, workshop or online.  It also makes sharing instructions a breeze!

Here is how to label your templates

Using a permanent marker, label the sizing chart and patterns 1 through 7 using the following system:

Circles (1-3) - 1 is the smallest circle, 3 is the largest

Ovals (4-7) - 4 is the smallest oval, 7 is the largest

While you’re at it – you might want to label your patterns & cutting guides, too.  Lots of people have the same tools & labeling them with your name or initials makes it a snap to see what is yours when packing up at a crop.

The following abbreviations are used in projects:

I = Inside Track O = Outside Track

R =Red Blade G = Green Blade B = Blue Blade If a layout calls for the following:  1 I R (2) then you would use the smallest circle pattern (#1), cut on the Inside of the pattern with the Red blade and cut 2 circles.

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