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Creative Memories Ordering Update

Here is the latest from Creative Memories. This was sent yesterday to all CM Advisors. For local friends that have outstanding orders with me, I ordered before the free paper promo launched and paid for expedited shipping so everything will be in by sometime tomorrow....I have enough paper, already (did I actually say that?? Lol, I still have some of the paper that inspired the refreshed designs in the promo 😀 I ❤ paper!!)

If you *need* anything and are local to the Metro Detroit area, please contact me & we’ll figure out how to get it to you safely. If you’re not able/willing to do that, or if you’re not local, for the time being, you can still order from Creative Memories directly. If you have a CM Advisor, please support and shop with them. If you do not, I welcome you and your business. I'm here to not only sell you supplies but help you complete your albums and projects! Here is my CM Advisor link:

Just a reminder - things change very quickly even when we're not in the middle of a pandemic. The best way to stay up to date w/breaking news in the scrapbooking world is in my Lisa's Workshop Facebook group.

Stay safe, we'll get through this one page at a time! <3

~ Lisa

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