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Is Scrapbooking "Essential?"

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I know I'm not the only one to respond with a resounding "Yes!"  Not only do many of us find scrapbooking therapeutic but it's absolutely vital for recording and sharing our history.  However, in the middle of a pandemic, a scrapbooking/craft business is not one that the government would consider "essential."  Keeping that in mind, I strongly suggest stocking up on adhesive and any other supply (not just scrapbook related) you *need* to get you through the next two weeks, minimum.  I hope you know me well enough to understand where this is coming from.  I have only advised stocking up once before, and that was just before the old Creative Memories went bankrupt.  Thankfully, the new owner, Caleb, runs a very tight ship and currently bankruptcy is not a concern with the new CM.  However, I do think there is a very good possibility that Americans will be mandated in the very near future to only go out for essential items.  I also think that only essential businesses will be allowed to remain open and as much as we all *need* scrapbooking supplies, CM and my Studio/CM business will not fall into that category. Based on what we've seen happen in Europe and how poorly Americans are doing with social distancing, I would not be surprised to see a "shelter in place" type of situation mandated soon with only a day or two notice.  I hope I'm wrong, but if not - how could that impact CM ordering? CM has a free paper promo launching tomorrow at 1pm EST (see below for info about this.) Many people, including lots of Advisors, are going to order at that time.  IF (this is all speculation at this point) only essential businesses are allowed to remain open then CM would only have a day or two to send out all pending orders.  Orders that upgrade to priority shipping move to the front of the line at CM - they are fulfilled first (this has nothing to do with the bizarro world we're living in currently - it's just how they've always done it.) So, with all that being said, here's a few suggestions for those that want any CM product in the near future:

*If you are at risk or absolutely *need* items, place your order online asap and pay for expedited shipping or wait until the promo launches at 1pm EST Monday and pay for expedited shipping.

*If you can pick up your order at the Studio in Livonia, MI and are willing to risk not getting your product until this blows over,email me your order by 10 am. Monday morning, I'll add your items to my order, cover the expedited shipping and we'll figure out how to get you your order when it arrives.

I still plan on being at the Studio on Mondays from 3pm - 6pm and Wednesdays from 10am -1pm for order pick ups unless something changes. Just a note:  If you are stocking up on Tape Runner refills, I do not advise buying more adhesive than you can go through in 6 months to a year.  CM Tape Runner refills have a shelf life of a year, after that you run the risk of the adhesive not releasing from the liner tape. Hoping for the best and wishing you & yours a healthy spring!!


Stay safe, we'll get through this one page at a time! <3

~ Lisa

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