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Save on Cricut - Black Friday Deals Now!


No need to wait for Friday. You can get fantastic saving on Cricut products right now but act quick...these are going fast! Many deals are sold out on Swing Design and but more stock is said to be coming, so be sure to check the websites often.

ACT FAST: Amazon has the Cricut Maker for $229 and the Air2 for $219. That's the same price as on (sold out) but they're in stock and Prime members will save on shipping costs and receive their Cricut in days vs. the estimated 2 week delivery time at UPDATE: Amazon also offers the 9x9 EasyPress for $129 and the 12x12 for $179. Both currently the same price at

Cricut Maker and Air2 on sale & in stock at Amazon!
Cricut Maker and Air2 on sale & in stock at Amazon!

It's been a long time since I use Cricut brand mats. These mats work just as well and are more affordable. Even more so now with this great sale! Get 3 mats (light, standard or strong grip) for $9.99 or one of each for $10.89.

Affordable mats for your Cricut and Silhouette machines!
Affordable mats for your Cricut and Silhouette machines!

One other thing to consider is that Cricut Access members save 10% at Access is not on sale but this might be a good time to join if you haven't already, especially if you'll be making a significant purchase.


Swing Design has fantastic bundles!
Swing Design has fantastic bundles!

Cricut dictates the lowest price that retailers can charge for their products. That's why you don't see too much wiggle room in the prices for Cricut machines - but many retailers offer bundles to increase the value they provide their customers. Swing Design is my favorite place to buy from because of this. Their bundles are amazing and most include lots of products plus subscriptions/tutorials, etc. Their bundles sell out often BUT they also add stock regularly. Check their site often to grab one of their deals. also has great bundles and savings! You'll save through November 25th with the Cricut Holiday Materials & Accessories Sale, featuring 50% off materials and accessories! Cricut machines are also on sale including the Cricut Maker for $299, Joy, Air2 for $219 and EasyPress (both 12x10 and 9x9!) Check out all the deals at

Happy shopping!

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