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Snowflakes made with the CM Border Maker System

Hello & Happy Monday! Today I'm trying to get back in my routine after the holiday break. Can you hear that? Me, either! All I hear is *silence*...everyone is back to school & work today - leaving our home a little empty and very quiet! My oldest starts his last semester of high school today so I'm working through that with some craft therapy. ;)

These snowflakes are made with items punched with the Creative Memories Border Maker System and various cartridges. They look complicated but came together pretty easily. The Repositionable Tape Runner is indispensable when working with small pieces like these! You can order this today for the first time on it's own at Noon CT on my CM Advisor page. Lots of other great products debut today - check the bottom of this post to see them all. You'll see a bit of adhesive left behind in the photos (thanks, 50 year old eyes!) It will very easily rub away with just a tiny bit of effort. Take a look at each snowflake below to see which cartridges I used to create them. I'd love to see your snowflakes created with the Border Maker System! Please post them to the Creative Life Scrapbooking page or my Lisa's Workshop Group.

Snowflake made with the CM Border Maker System
Created with the Crystal Chain Border Maker Cartridge. I snipped the border apart and pieced it together and a snowflake appeared!

Snowflake made with the CM Border Maker System
Created by using "leftovers" from the Dips & Diamonds Border Maker Cartridge. Those little dots of adhesive peeking out from underneath will rub away super easily but are not even noticeable unless you really look for them (or blow up the image!)

Snowflake made with the CM Border Maker System
Made using the Jumbo Jet Border Maker Cartridge. Cut off some jets and the "tails" to make this snowflake.

Below you'll see all the new products launching today at Noon CT on my CM Advisor site, including the Repositionable Tape Runner (previously only the refill was available.)

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